Wolfgang Schwarz


About the Company

The southern Palatinate – the center of life for me and my family. My love for this unique region has been with me since I was born in Landau in 1954. From attending kindergarten in Langstrasse, going to school, to training as a wholesale and foreign trade clerk in Landau, the South Palatinate was and is of central importance to me. Of course, life and the connection with the people of this region shaped me from my earliest childhood. I see personal contact with my fellow human beings, encounters and discussions with them as a deeply felt need and a matter of course. Listening, talking to each other and working out solutions is my way of doing politics. This also leads to the motto for my political engagement: “Take people and tasks seriously”.

Project Timeline: 45weeks


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Client: Wolfgang Schwarz

Link: https://www.wolfgang-schwarz-mdl.de

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